Fix Low audio on Plex's app for Roku


Recreating a page deleted in a restoral process, so bear with the lack of details. Prerequisites:

When using the Plex app on Roku volume is very very low in some cases. This details a fix.

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The original instructions are here to prevent link rot... then my script for linux CLI people.

Original instructions

  1. Pick a favorite movie and play it on your Roku TV, find a spot you know and stop the playback…
  2. Navigate to your Plex install on your plex server. The default for windows should be
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Plex\Plex Media Server\Resources\Profiles
  3. Find the file named “Roku-7.x.xml”, right click and copy the file
  4. paste a new copy of the file and change the name to “Roku-9.x.xml”
  5. Open the new “Roku-9.x.xml” file and edit the following:
  6. On Line 2 change name=”Roku-7.x” to name=”Roku-9.x”
  7. Save the file
  8. Resume playback on your show and note the amazing increase in volume…

Note: In my experience I could skip the first step "Play the movie" and the last step "Resume playback." Also the directory on Linux on my Ubuntu system is

See script below

Linux instructions for CLI users

Copy and paste the below lines into your CLI window on your Plex Media Server running Linux. It will copy an existing file for Roku version 7 to new ones for versions 9 and 12, and edit them appropriately. This will allow the Plex App for Roku to properly send audio to your TV.

cd /usr/lib/plexmediaserver/Resources/Profiles
sudo cp Roku-7.x.xml Roku-9.x.xml
sudo cp Roku-7.x.xml Roku-12.x.xml
sudo sed -i '/Client name=/ s/7.x/9.x/g' Roku-9.x.xml
sudo sed -i '/Client name=/ s/7.x/12.x/g' Roku-12.x.xml

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